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About Probus


The short answer is: it does what it likes within constitutional limits. Most Probus clubs meet monthly for fellowship, morning tea, a short business session and to hear an interesting guest speaker. But that's only the beginning. Many arrange visits to factories, defence establishments, industrial complexes, police stations, plant nurseries - all the places a Rotary club might be expected to include in its list of vocational visits. Many enjoy short outings - picnics barbecues, visits to gardens and places of scenic or historic interest. Many organise extended tours of anything from one day to a few weeks - sometimes as a single club, sometimes in association with other Probus clubs. These are usually fellowship occasions with spouses and friends invited.

Some Probus clubs have a number of special interest groups within the club - such as music, art, history, sporting, drama, bush walking, cycling, philately, numismatics, sailing, fishing and many more.

A Probus club, in fact, can provide all the enjoyment of a Rotary club without the obligations of service, the attendance requirements and the classification system.

The Probus club constitution provides that it shall be non-political, non-sectarian and that it shall not be a fund-raising group.

The Probus club is NOT a service club; because many Probus members already give generously of their time in voluntary work, either individually or in other service clubs or charitable bodies. However, some Probus clubs have undertaken valuable community projects. The decision to engage in any such activity is a matter for the club.

It is important that the sponsoring Rotary club should NOT regard its Probus club as an additional workforce for Rotary projects.

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