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George Boulton

NON Award
The NON Award (Now Over Ninety) is a Valentine Men's Probus Award for Nonagenarians.

George Boulton is the 4th recipient of this award having attained the age of 90 on 19th October 2017.

George was born at Charlestown.
His first job was with P J Taylor Engine Reconditioning in 1944 as an apprentice.
Later he went to Penman Engineering - A general engineering business.
In 1965 he went to Burwood Colliery as an Engineer Fitter where he stayed until retirement in 1987.

George's first wife was Dulcie whom he married in 1949.
George married his second wife Pam in 2002.

George has a son with 4 children and a daughter with 1 child.

George with his close friend Ern Alchin, was involved with the Alzheimer's Foundation and it was Ern who suggested that George should join Valentine Probus Club.
George loves coming to the meetings and functions at the Valentine Probus Club.

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