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John Trenholme

NON Award
The NON Award (Now Over Ninety) is a Valentine Men's Probus Award for Nonagenarians.

John Trenholme is the 5th recipient of this award having attained the age of 90 on 18th January 2018.

John was born at Kearsley near Cessnock.
His first job was with Newcastle Dockyards as an apprentice Fitter & Turner in January 1944.
After finishing his apprenticeship in 1949 he then went to Lambton B Coal Mine as a Fitter & Turner where he stayed for 36 years until retirement in 1985.

John was married to his first wife Wilma for 25 years and later re-married Valmai, his partner for 36 years until her death in 2013.

John has a son Greg, and daughter Wendy with 2 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren.

John said that his daughter Wendy now lives with him to keep him on the straight and narrow.

John joined our Probus Club in September 2013 and we wish him well on the way to the big 100.

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