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Walking Group

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Walking Tour Leader: Ron Tooney  4958 7910  Mob: 0409 467 910

Every Wednesday, except the last Wednesday of the month, we will gather at  the car park in Speers Point Park opposite the main entry to the park and Sal’s  Cafe.  We will meet there at 9.00 am. Our journey takes  us through the park heading right along Cockle Creek and under the Five Islands  Bridges towards Boolaroo.  After 30 minutes or so we commence our return to  the vehicles.  If there is sufficient interest we may indulge in coffee and  refreshments in Sal’s cafe provided adequate seating is available.  We have  become visible in our RED tops and BLUE (Probus) caps. Masks are at your  discretion.

Green Point (From Green Point Drive)
Coming from Valentine Shops you turn right at the Valentine  Public School into Macquarie Drive and head towards Belmont. Turn right at  Belmont Hospital into Green Point Drive and continue straight  ahead to the end of that street. We will park outside house numbers  75/77 Green Point Drive, Green Point. The walk is for 40 minutes downhill on the  pathway to Green Point then along the lake  foreshore to the car park at Ross Street, Belmont.  We will pool cars to  leave some at Ross Street car park for the return trip back to vehicles parked  in Green Point Drive. We then make a short drive for coffee to 16 FT SAILING CLUB.

The Fernleigh Track from Burwood Road through the FernleighTunnel towards Adamstown.
Park in the bush car park adjacent to the track and pedestrian traffic lights on Burwood Road.  Walk for 50 minutes through the magnificent Fernleigh Tunnel, it is another 15 minutes to the Adamstown exit. Then return to the car park. From there we will drive to  PEGS Café at Dudley Road, Whitebridge for coffee, refreshments and friendship. Due to the pace travelled by some cyclists on the Fernleigh Track we will have to be very conscious of keeping to the left of the path and walk in groups of two.  
Thanks Ron T  

Men’s Probus Club Of Valentine        WALKING GROUP.

Fellow members,

Our  group has been functioning in our club for many years.  For new Club  Members, I thought I would enlighten you about our activities.
We  meet every Wednesday morning at 9.00 am, which we have found is a  convenient day and time.  In day light saving months when the weather is  warmer and the temperature is rising, we decide upon a date and time to  meet earlier, usually mid-November at 8.30 EDLST.

I  send an email to all our participants on Monday or Tuesday jogging  their memory of the Wednesday walk and those who can’t make it generally  send an inability reply or ring me. Should the weather gods be unkind,  and the walk needs to be cancelled, I send an email by 8.30 am or 8:00  am EDLST Wednesday cancelling the walk.  Those who do not have a  computer receive a telephone call or SMS message.

Unlike  an “organised walking group” out to climb the highest peaks or to  traverse the longest of walks, we are a group of friends out to keep the  limbs moving, the lungs working and our minds active.  We tend towards  walks we consider are reasonably flat, safe for our age and are not  health risks.

On the last Wednesday of every month we  do a COFFEE WALK.  I try to go to different locations in the Newcastle  and Lake Macquarie where we can engage in a pleasant walk of similar  distance, i.e. 2 kms and stop mid-way or at the end for COFFEE, at a  suitable Cafe.

A  few of our members are accompanied by their wife who are regular  attendees, so if you are able to participate and your wife/partner would  like to join the group, they are most welcome.

Unlike most activities the only expense is the petrol to get you to and from the location plus a monthly coffee and cake.
If you would like to join us, please contact me.

We hope to see you for the walk, fellowship and talk on Wednesdays.

Ron Tooney
Group Coordinator
Phone: 49587910
Mobile: 0409467910
Email: rgtooney1@bigpond.com
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